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listening to the same CD

over and over again

the sound of silver

spinning notes into the cooled office air

is the closest thing I can find

to ocean now.


repetition is necessary for safety

the waves laughing and breaking at

regular intervals hush

the sound of sand being pulled under.


life always comes in pairs.

two by two, joy and disaster. Maybe disaster isn’t.

we are just not use to the sound of seeds breaking.


death puts our ears so close to the soil.

the brown earth has gotten rich with the bodies and bones

of eyes that hunted through the night

before regurgitating sound into the stars.


Gravity has so many meanings, without it

my feet would not make it to your door.


Posted January 17, 2014 by Jourdan Keith

3 responses to “Poems

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  1. A beautiful poem. Thank you

  2. Great poem. Thank you.

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